Monday, January 29, 2007

Crazy Py . . . Is gone . . .

The Story of Crazy Py

I found a kitty, crying at car doors in the parking lot of the Kinsmen arena. I was done my skating practice, it was past 9pm. What is a sweet, little kitty like this doing in the parking lot, crying at car doors and trying to paw them? It was a cold night. I coaxed kitty to me and proceeded back into the rink to ask "Does anybody know this kitten?" She was a young cat at the time, I believe she was still a kitten. The rink man says "That cat is always crawling around here . . . it's no body's, so if you want it, it's yours." So, there I am with this kitten, and this group of young girls from the skating club that want to take her home, that have a mom that in no way wants this cat. So, I have a cat, Baby(black and white, male)at home already. I have the food, and the litter . . . So I take this cold baby home. (My Baby cat at home is not well, not long for the world sick.) I phone the paper the next day, place a found ad. I put up a notice at the rink that I found this beautiful calico girl.
No Replies!
So, I have 2 cats. I have Baby who is sick, and soon needing to be put down and I have this new kitty. She bonds with me. Spends lots of time in my lap. I take care of her. I have to name her, she from day one was my angel and a devil at the same time. Pyrat, I wanted to reflect that the beautiful sweet kitty there had a little devil in her! She was going to be Pirate, but I rather spell it differently, not so common. Py was anything but common. Anyone who has met PY will agree to that. So, Pyrat and I survive the death(putting down of)Baby together. I had Py to hug when I missed my Baby kitty. She was there for me, I was there for her. I then started dating a man long distance. My being away a lot was hard on my already crazy Py. Mom had a hard time looking after her. PY was a watch cat that did not like strange people from day one. Hated my dad from the time he riled her up the first time(never ever liked him again). She held a grudge. She survived my long distance relationship, by snuggling me while I chatted on the computer to him, by terrorizing my mom when she would come to feed her, bring her a new toy to entertain her, and still could not win that cat over. Poor mom.
I'm sorry mom.
But Py and I, we had a bond. I know she was crazy. I still loved her. She terrorized my auntie, who after a few too many came to my house to crash with me as mom's spare bed was full. Damn cat wouldn't leave auntie sleep all night. Auntie told me "THAT CAT IS NUTS!"
But, I knew my cat was nuts. She was fun though, great fun to play with. A great single person companion .. . If you didn't watch she would steal the meat out of your sandwich(preparation for marriage-LOL). Then, one day the house was broken in to. I believe when I arrived home the thieves were still in the house, and here is my Pyrat hanging out the kitchen window, not knowing if she should abandon the home or stick around and try to protect it. I grabbed my Py kitty and jumped into the car, drove to the nearest pay phone. Poor Py is freaked right out! I calm her down as best I can when I am wound up. We survived the break in. Py was never ever the same again. I believe she defended the home as best she could and from that day on decided never ever to like a stranger again. She would get right bent if someone strange(cable guy, alarm guy, meter reader) would come in the house. I would have to lock her in a room that the visitor would not need to enter. She was fine with the long distance boyfriend, or my sis visiting . .. go figure, but anyone strange was in for it. Then we went through the long distance break up together. She would be there snuggled up to me, while I ate numerous tubs of Rolo ice cream to dull the pain. Needless to say, Rolo Ice cream I think I can look at now. .. . and think its good . .. Then the what seemed like speed dating. She met 3 of the 5 non-keepers, and believe it or not was calm and cool with each one. Go figure. Then she met the keeper, and she was exceptionally cool with him. Good thing .. . Mr. Keeper was a long distance guy too. Now Mr.Keeper is my husband. As it turned out, This long distance was much easier, at least in the same country, even the same province. So Py only had to deal with weekend trips. They didn't last long either. We met in December and by May I moved out to him. I had to move Py, before I could show the house. Could you imagine poor Py kitty with strangers trying to show the house? OH MY! Don't wanna go there she was that nuts about strange people in the house. So, I moved her out to Hubby's house. Now they had some scuffles to decide who was boss. She, thought she was, and He knew he was. Needless to say, my indoor kitty soon learnt what the outside world was about. Now she enjoyed her time outside. A lot. They have had the odd scuffle here and there and well she always forgives him for laying down the law. She sometimes faster than I. She bonded to Hubby. Then, my fixed little girl would get wound up about the old Tom cats around. You know the ones. The strays or the ones from so and so's house. There are a lot of them. Hubby and her had a few go rounds bout them damn Tom cats. But she would calm down and make peace with dad(hubby).

Now, so, the last piece in her life puzzle? She got wound right up and chased Hubby tooth and nails . .. hair flying out of her as she jabbed after him. He tried to calm her . .. didn't work. I don't know what set her off, Hubby doesn't know either. So he gloved up and removed her. She spent some time outside to cool off. I went to town to do some banking. I told hubby that I didn't want that crazy animal in my house anymore if she was going to go after him like that. He was ok with that but asked what I wanted to do with her b4 I left. I said to let her in and see if she calmed down. She was would up on a short fuse for a day or two. Then we had some people in to look at our windows(which we are not doing at this time). She was ok the whole time they were here. Soon as Hubby walked into the living room after they left. PY went nuts. So, Hubby left her alone, let her calm. Before you knew it she was in his lap. The next morning she was in my lap. She snuggled up and was sweet as could be. Then, that afternoon. . . the line was crossed. I walked in the room to put a DVD away and she went snake at me. I backed out of the room and cried. I knew I couldn't keep an animal like that.

So, My loved, adored, horribly missed kitty took a long drive today. She will be in heaven, waiting for me(if I make it there). My Crazy Py is in a better place. Crazy Py suffers no more with her insanity.

I miss her terribly, as I sit here and cry. We have been through so much . . . It feels unfair to have to put her down . . .but when you can not find the reason to the madness . . . it is time to let her go.

I will one day, have another baby kitty, maybe a pair so they always have company. But they will never ever be PY!
I interrupted her nap on dad's lap!

Sleeping on her special pillow, maybe we were being too loud!

"And what are you photographing mom?"

Fierce determination to get the bag!

I for one will never forget you beautiful baby Py!


Dandy said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to get rid of your furbaby... poor thing...(((HUGGS)))

Lou said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. You did the right thing. She was surely not well. ...there must be another kitty around the corner just waiting for you to take it home very soon! I had to have my mother cat put down this fall. Very similair behaviour. She even had little ones , and in the end she even growled and tried to bite them and me.