Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey all,
I made it to the city safe and sound. Hooray! Yes with the windchill being up so high I really debated whether I wanted to travel or not. But the roads all said good winter driving so. . packed up and here I am in the city.

Before I left, we grabbed the mail! and low and behold there are my two books! that shouldn't have got here till next week . .. with the blizzard I thought it would take longer.. I am guessing they got put on Canada Posts Race Horse, not the slow donkey everything else gets tacked on! LOL Canada post does a good job though . .. So the books I was awaiting, were the Season 4 of the sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yeah I know its a young story but I love it! And, Men in Knits : Sweaters to Knit That He Will Wear by Tara Jon Manning. Love it. I have no idea who I will knit a sweater for out of it. It is a beautiful book though! There are a couple sweaters I would love to make .. . Dad says he just wants more socks. .. OI! So, More socks it is .. . I wish he would like a sweater but . . . If he doesn't want one . .. I will hunt down someone else to make one for. . . Maybe hubby . .. though . . . we shall see . .. He doesn't seem much for sweaters either . . . sweatshirts yes, sweaters no. So we will see . .. BIL? Maybe, but would be a challenge . . . not so bad though. Well, I guess we will see .. . LOL

So, that's my excitement! I wanna go finish my Dickie for hubby, then I have some socks to make. but tonight I think I will grab a book and read a little then turn out the light . .. now . . which do I read . . . LOL I think I will start the traveling pants! (what a great Christmas present from my hubby!) He also ordered the sweater book when I was drooling over it online . .. He is a sweetheart . . . And I loves him sooo much.

Ah well on that great note I am off to bed and will talk to you all later!

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