Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Slippers (frm Hell) are done!!!!!!!

Yes! I have finished the slippers from Hell! I am glad to be done! Although, when you have that kinda journey with a project, it makes a challenge for picking the next pattern. I am kind of reluctant to try another new pattern right now . .. LOL .. . but it is a very quick crochet one I want to do so, I am going to do it anyways! So, Enjoy these ones. I may never make another pair like them. Though I like a good challenge . .. so maybe I will, as now I know about what the cast on should look like and really from there it's child's-play!

And the Dickie's. These are the 2 I made for Hubby. The blue one he has worn and worn and worn, therefore I have washed and washed and washed it. And it still looks good, who would have thought!

The black one, who is not photogenic is new. LOL not that you can see the stitches or anything fun like that but, it is new. Unworn. Awaiting its first trip out! LOL One of these lovely winter days it will get to go out!

Yesterday it snowed, blowed, and now it is snowing again. I don't see the blowing as bad this morning. Ah well, nowhere really to go today anyways .. . so, will stay in where its warm.

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