Monday, January 22, 2007

Crazy Right?

OK. So, I have not had much time for knitting. I put a row on the slippers from hell now and then. We just have not been home. That is where crazy comes in. Well, you know that Saturday was busy.

Sunday, I had one hell of a day. We started trying to clean house a bit. Well, I was doing something and it pissed me off(think I was emotionally off anyways). Then cleaned out my closet. Things flew outta there . . . well some things. You know how it is. There are the cloths that I am willing to part with and the cloths that we have to keep in case we shrink into them because we love them SO much. Anyways, while cleaning said closet, there were shirts in there that my gramma gave me for my birthday, so my eyes got a little weepy. The shirts still fit and everything. Just the thought of missing my gramma. So, I am cleaning the whole closet out. Even the dress cloths I have kept for 2 years that don't fit and I have no where to wear them anyways(wouldn't people think I flipped my lid building bins in a blouse?). So between the cloths I wear all the time, and the cloths that don't fit hangs . . . the wedding dress. I know most people look at their wedding dresses with fond memories. .. and don't get me wrong so do I. I still love the dress and love the man I married in the dress and Love the day we got married on, and find something to love about everyday. I just yesterday, cried, all out on the bed cried. I miss my gramma. She was with me when I picked out the dress. I remember telling my mom we were just going to look, YEAH RIGHT! We get there and try on a bunch of dresses, Tried on the one, Grandma said "If I was to design a dress for you, that would be it" And the damn thing was on the sale rack. NO more of them. I called to ask my mom if she would be hurt if I bought the dress. . . NO Answer! . .. So I called to see what my sis thought. . (i don't remember if she answered). . . I called my auntie to see what she thought and if she knew where my mom would be. Auntie thought I should buy the dress with grandma because If it truly was the dress and we went home then came back another day for it and it was gone . .. mom would be more upset. So, Grandma and I bought the dress.(Had to have tea down the street to talk myself into buying it without mom!) I am SO very glad I have that memory with gramma. I was very lucky to have her with me. I was lucky to have her as a gramma.

So, cleaned out the closet. We went to Yorkton for groceries. Came home. Today we had to do some stuff in Wadena. We did some cleaning around the house. Some things are looking better. I am still trying to simplify. Amalgamated my emails to one. Instead of 2! Around the house I am trying to reduce clutter but it is a challenge. I will do it though, even if I have to do little bits at a time. . .. Anybody need a toaster? Vertical Grill? hm mm how bout a small crock pot?

Well I am off and running!

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