Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sock in Progress & Crafty room N such . .

OK, so, any of you that I have been talking to . .. have heard of the sock in progress. Well this is my progress. 3 Days in, well partial days in! LOL and this is my sock so far. Yes the first sock. I have been occupied in other ways too. Like today, I ran to Wadena to fetch my love some orajel, for the nasty sore tooth he has. While I was there of course, I had to take a wander through the Bargain shop, pick up some coffee at the co-op gas bar (french vanilla cap.)(very bad, but ooh so yummy). While at the gas bar I also picked up a few (4), scratch tickets. I doubled my money, so not bad. Spend for win 8, I am all for it! LOL anyways so then the drive home again, the medication of the hubby with the Orajel. Then while I was in the bargain shop . . . I found a game . .. card game, called Boom-O and it is made by Mattel an was a whole $3.00 so I couldn't pass it up as Hubby and I like Uno and Skip-Bo but find they both can take a lot of time to play, Boom-O said it was quick play! Great! Cheap! and Let me tell ya! It is Quick rounds and Lots of fun! We played about . . . hm mm . .. 10 rounds and then he went back out to the garage to work. We had fun though. Then I picked up the camera and took some pics of the house . . . I am debating if I should show you my current mess or not! LOL But he went out to work and I picked up my sock so, in between IM's with my auntie I could work on the sock. LOL. I should be staining a door or two, but, I had a headache earlier today and am scared it will come back . .. mind you I should go do it. . .. soon .. LOL and I will.


Yesterday I got up, earlier than I have been. I stained the doors (first coat second side). I went for a walk to the mail, the long way. I came home, did some dishes. Found a few things to keep my from the sock you know . . . so didn't get much done on it. Then last night, hubby ushers me into the bedroom and we watched Criminal Minds, our favorite series that I bought Hubby for Christmas. I love the series and so does Hubby. Even the episodes we have seen we watch again, unless it is one we just saw last week! LOL so, we watched the first 3 DVDs last night of the set. Now talk about a marathon! Loved it though, good quiet snuggle time too.

So that is life . . . still debating showing the pictures. . .. hm mm . . . maybe will show you a couple.

This is my craft room .. . LOL in it's current UPROAR! Yes, its a mess. It has a lot of things I need to get to. See the shelves are all OK. The bag of fabric on the floor is next year's Christmas sewing. My collection of Shipping boxes and gift boxes are next to that. My wrapping paper, which is supposed to live in the basement is under the boxes, and the basket of yarn. Which is what occurred when I tried to sort my stash out. My stash of yarn is in the first set of drawer's the one with the clear drawer on top, notice also the taller set? LOL on top of the yarn stash drawers, is more yarn stash in 2 boxes, one being, Bernat Denimstyle and the other being some wool I have that .. . I want to make some special mittens with. Then, the next set of drawers has my fabric stash. On top of them is a few baskets I have that I am not willing to part with and just need to find a space in my space and use for them, and my stack of affiegans. I have two that were Hubby's B4 I met him, and one that was my Gramma's affie (very special) and then the baby affie that my granny started and my grandma finished(super special) for their grandbabies. That thought makes me sad. . . . so . . then I have the two bookshelves. Yes, I loooove books! The one has patterns and magazines, the other holds fiction books, that I have to read or have read and don't want to part with because . . . Well like I said I love books, and they touched a cord in me that was good. I might one day start a list on here of my favorite books . . . there is a good idea. . . hmmmm .. . one day. NOT Today! LOL
So .. . I have a couple things I should get to. Like shrinking some pics that I want to share with my Auntie. LOL not with you guys sorry . . I am far to messy right now to share um .. LOL.
So will talk to you all later!

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Lou said...

Wow those are longgggg socks!