Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's a freaking Blizzard out there!

Hi, Yes, We do have a blizzard. I have a picture to prove it. See where you can normally see the road and the houses over the road, all you see is snow! It's blowing like mad. I am glad I am at home where its warm! We were supposed to make a trip to Melville for hubby to go to the dentist, but we couldn't see accross the street so, no highway trips for us!

These are my Crazy Py. She has fallen in love with the paper bag. She loves playin in there and just crawling in and hanging out. Go figure. Its a cat thing, I know that. She also likes the crinkle of the bag! LOL

So, I have one sock complete like I told you, and I have the leg and heel turned for the second sock, just need to pick up the stitches and decrease for the foot! HOOORaY! I listed some kitchen stuff for sale in my for sale groups. I am going to put a list of my groups up here. And one of my authors/books I love. Maybe today with it being so lovely outside.
Anyways, Off to other things. . .
Catchya later! Keep Warm!

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