Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Morning?

Good morning all,
It is 9:25 here. The sun is not showing itself or has decided to sleep in today. Hubby is sleeping in. Has me wondering why I am up? Other than the fact that my 30 year old body told me to get up! LOL. So here I sit, doing something quiet, as to not wake the hubby. I have Laundry to do but when it is on the main floor, 15 feet from the bedroom .. . it wakes a sleeping spouse! LOL. OK, now I am aimlessly chattering. Which, if you want to listen, is good.

OK, I am stuck thinking about blocks. I know it is my own fault. I brought them up to a good friend. Now I am thinking it would be great fun to make them. Get some foam(I think I have a dad with some kicking around that might be willing to part with it), make some squares, stitch them together around a foam block and voila! there you have your block. I am fighting with the idea of putting #s on them or something. You know a set of 10 with 0 to 9 on them or something. I just don't know when I will do it. But I have now recorded the idea, and when I get through my umpteen number of socks to make .. . LOL maybe I will attack that idea . . . or the dozen other things running around up there . .. hm mm .. who knows . ..

Anyways, I had a nice chat with my mom yesterday. She said she wouldn't mind socks for her birthday either. Which is easy enough . .. but we will see what else I can dream up . .. you know how it is. Then there is the sis. I am awaiting a slipper pattern, course, I guess if I went to see her, I would see it faster . . . Next week maybe I will see her (2.5 - 3hrs plus 30 - 40 min to get to her, via mom). I have a trip planned to go see mom . .. so, I can always hope. :) Maybe will clear up what to do for sis!?! Maybe? LOL I have the fabric for next Christmas' craft for her, but, I really do want to use it for Christmas, so, That as they say is that.

I think, I will, go and work on that sock. I know, it can be lots of fun to be here . . . but! I need to get some socks made. And I haven't figured out how to get this computer to make them, so I guess I better get, and be gone to go make those socks! LOL

Catch you all Later!

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