Saturday, January 20, 2007

Time Flies

Wow, Well, I have to say I am pooped right out! LOL. Yes, we went to push snow yesterday for Hubby's brother, ended up hanging out in the tire shop all afternoon! I knew I should have taken my knitting . . . those damn slippers! Anyways, we ended up not pushing snow because there were too many vehicles around to push, So we stayed over night rather than drive the hour home. We had a really great visit. We played Mad Gab, which is great fun if you are not scared of looking like a fool! I had a glass of wine with SIL, Hubby had some black cherry vodka. It smelt good tasted a bit like cough syrup(might have been too strong for me). We played mad gab and chatted til. 3AM yes we had a late night! BIL and Hubby got up and went to the shop early to work, I slept in some and visited with SIL and the Nephews! (more fun than more time waiting around the shop! So, anyways we stayed overnight, didn't get much sleep, and came home later in the day today. I was glad we had such a good visit but am so tired right now! LOL I had to check email . .. you know just in case there was something good. Then Had a shower, threw on some comfy cloths and here I am. I am playing with the settings in my group, checking email and all that good stuff!
So, once again I have a cat in my arms and a mom IM'ing me so Off I go to chat with mom!
Catch you all later . .

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