Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It made it to Edmonton in one piece!

Isn't she cute? My sister made her, at my request for a special friend of mine in Edmonton! I have been sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if the little bear made it in one piece or if(due to my poor packing) poor bear was smashed in shipping!
~She did make it in 1 piece!~
I am very happy and very relieved! I guess my packing skills are not all that bad after all! And the receiver of course! Loves the little bear! What knitter wouldn't? My sis has great talents . . . I am hoping one day she will make me a neato ornament that is doing something like this . .. but we shall see . . . I have her crafting another neat one . . . when the clay moves her for another friend! I will share those pics when It's done and received and all that . .. mind you the creative process takes time . . so you all be patient huh? LOL

I started those sockies for my nephew . . . to match that sweater. I am taking a break from tucking in ends on the first sockie right now . .. I know I should finish it now and get going on the second one, but sometimes I have to take a mental break . . . well, I also thought of a couple patterns I needed to print and all that too . . . so . . . you know where the break really comes in! LOL

That's it for now . .. more later I'm guessing . . .

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TricsH said...

That is unbearably adorable!!!
Very Sweet!!! Your sister is very talented!