Saturday, January 13, 2007

Please Leave Comments . . .

Hey all,
I was laying in bed this morning thinking about comments .. .I think it is the only way for us to know who was here. So, if your here, leave a comment, tell me where you are .. .. I mean in blog/web page terms. Do you have one? Did you stop by because your family? Because you found me(re: a friend of the blogger or a comment I left) on someone's blog? I am curious, who are you? how did you find me? Was I interesting to read(I am not sure I wanna know if I was boring as hell so . ..LOL)? Can I come visit you?

Anyways, just a thought.

The Dickie is coming along, just a little slow .. . so many other running around and do things out there .. . LOL . .

Catch ya Later!


Moe said...

Just passing through. Saw your blog in a signature line on a knitting list at yahoo.
Have a great weekend.

TricsH said...

Your blog is never boring!!
I hope you are having a great weekend!! I have you linked to my blog,of course!
Have a great weekend.

LouLou said...

Hi, its Lou. Checked out the photos of the spinning wheel. It looks like a folding one. and double treadle, thats good!
Your blog inspired me to try one too! Haven't totally mastered how to set it up (will learn more the more I use it).
P.S. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

Tricia said...

Have you come home from the city yet? It really was a nice day today out here!