Monday, February 05, 2007

Home from the City . . .

Hey all,
Hubby and I made a trip to the city. We had a visit with my mom and dad. Did a bit of shopping. You know all the good stuff right. So, in my shopping travels I bought a serger, its a neat one that sets it's tensions automatically. I bought it with part of my inheritance . .. because I know my grandma would approve . . . As I will use it tonnes! I also bought a ball winder and swift(hubby decided I needed the swift too).

Then, My Auntie(Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!) snaffled a good load of yarn for me. From what I hear from my sources(did not get to see auntie in my travel to the city), a girl at work was asking for someone who could put good use to some yarn. Auntie piped up and said "My Niece can!" and here below is the amazing amount of yarn she snaffled from this wonderful chain of events!

The box of yarn, Hubby and I wound it already(yes I said hubby and I)

This was the afghan kit. It came from Mary Maxim, many years ago. It will not be made into the afghan it was supposed to.

This is the rest of the balls of yarn. Now one of these is a black ball that should be with the affie kit. Ah well . . . Lots of browns and neutrals . .. I will put them to good use . . . I just have to figure out, by making what! LOL

Mom would like a pair of socks that are either orange with black heel and toe or black with orange heel and toe. I think I will make them black with orange heel and toe, then the hard part of the sock that you have to actually see would be the bright orange, not that nasty black .. .

I also picked up some fabric for some projects around the house and for gifts. You will have to wait to see them finished though. You know how it is .. . LOL

So, what else can I tell you? hm m m that I have been working on finding my room again. I have been winding yarn into neat little balls. OOH how fun I love it, except for the tangle parts, but we all hate that, and better when I am winding the ball than when it is attached to my needles!

I have to dig in my fabric for a few things too . . . I know I have some fabric my sis might like and then I can make her something . . . OK, OK now I must be getting boring! LOL

Wait! We went to an auction yesterday. I bought some "Seams Incredible" Knitting needles. Now I need a book or some instruction on them . . . anybody have any idea's? They are like huge double pointed needles! So if anyone can help, please let me know! LOL

Talk to you all soon,

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