Thursday, January 11, 2007

It Was C O L D Today!

Hey guys, It was a whole, -30 Celsius today! and with the windchill -40 Celsius. Just a bit damn cold to be out there digging everything out! Yeah, Hubby did some snow pushing around town today. I stayed in this morning where I thought, yes thought, it was nice and warm. I was chatting with friends/family when, the power goes out! Yes. The power went out. I thought yesterday in the blizzard it would go, just because we get the occasional flicker around here, so thought we would loose it yesterday, no, today, when it was cold. BRRRRR cold! So, It was a little cool in here. Hubby came back from pushing snow, and we thought we would make a trip to Wadena. So we did, but b4 we left the power popped back on .. so when we got home everything was all warmed up again . . mm mm very nice!

I am working on a Dickie for hubby, I finished the back of it this morning (was up kinda early (7:30 am OK its early for me)). I cast on the front tonight. I have a terrible headache though and think I am off to bed. Kinda chilled a little too, probably doesn't help. Anyways . .. off to bed.

Talk to you all again soon,

I am off to the city tomorrow . . . (which buggers because I was going to stop to see a friend on the way through and she won't be home, but the road is probably all snowed in anyways so better to catch her on the way home :), so it is all good).

Well, goodnight, catch ya soon . ..

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TricsH said...

Oh I hate when the power goes out!
Have yourself a safe trip to the city.