Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday, Well, I was hoping to finish that first sock. I believe I am at the toe decrease,or just a couple(2-4) rows from it! But, I didn't get up early enough. LOL or I spent too much time checking email yesterday morning. Either way, I hope I can finish it today.

We went to the farm yesterday. I have some pics of the deer.(just below). I had to be quick and I was aways away so they aren't that great of pics but, you can see the deer anyways.

While we were at the farm, I asked Dad about his spinning wheel he picked up at an auction. I have a girlfriend who is wanting to teach me to use it. (which is cool) So, He said I could take it and learn to spin .. . as it was only collecting dust at the farm. Mom isn't interested in learning to spin. So here are pics of the wheel. I just need to take it to my friend now and see what we can do with it. See if I like spinning. . ..
So, anyways, that is what I had to tell you. Ooh wait. We made it to Preeceville to see the nephew's too. We had a visit, came home .. . Our one nephew asked if I would make him a shirt for with his Jammie pants I made. I told him I would see what I could do. :) So will check out some fabric and what not and see what I can come up with.
Anyways. That is my excitement for now. :P
Talk to you all later!

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TricsH said...

Oooh Pretty wheel! Do you have the missing piece of the flyer?
How tall is it?