Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Sock Be Done!

Hey! I got that sock done! LOL Yes, I have the first sock done and the leg rib almost half done for the next sock . .. so I will have a pair! LOL Then I guess I have to make feet for my table and chairs so they can go in the addition. . . so . . I will whip them up after I am done this pair of socks . ..

This is the extention. Well it was supposed to be a deck, but someone wanted walls and a roof on it so he could barbque in the rain. Well, now it has gone full blown into a room. So, The floor right now has 2 doors, stained and drying on it. and under those doors is beautiful Laminate flooring. So it is going to be a dining room I think, hense the feet for the table and chairs. And the funniest part of all this is that he still must barbque in the rain . .. LOL go figure.

So, thats all I have to say, I am off to work on those socks. I wanna get them done! LOL

Talk to you all later!

1 comment:

TricsH said...

OoooH going to look like an awesome room!! You can always get one of those portable gazebos for the bbq ;)