Monday, January 15, 2007

Have I left the city yet?

NO, I am still here.

I enjoy my time with my mom. I know, I am all grown up but there is something about getting to spend some time with mummy! LOL Mom and I have always got along great. I trimmed her beautiful long hair today, then braided it and headed out shopping. Yes shopping, we get into lots of trouble together. LOL yes I said trouble. I told my hubby I wasn't bringing home any more yarn till I used up some of my stash, He is going to roll on the floor laughing. He laughed when I told him that! So now he will really laugh! I got some yarn for my mom for a poncho, I am making it for either her birthday or Christmas next year. We will see how the time pans out . .. So I got a giant ball of the red heart comfort in denim blue, then got a fun fuzzy blue mix to trim with. When I finish it, You know you will see it . .. . after the date of course . .. don't want mom peeking and seeing what she shouldn't you know! I also bought 2 balls of bernat handicrafter cotton(the big ones) that were baby colors and had baby booties and bib patterns on them. They were at Wal-Mart. So there I was bad! LOL I do want to make some baby stuff though so, not so bad. Today we went to the book store, I found a knitting book in the bargain book that had a few nice sweaters in it. Drooled on the One Skein Wonders book. It looks like a great book! Anybody out there have it? Do you enjoy it? Anyways, from there off to the fabric store! OOOH bad! LOL got some fabrics on sale ... That's a good way to buy it because it seems if you buy it regular price you are not saving anything sewing it yourself, other than having to repair a seem later. So I got some flannel I liked and some T-shirt fabric for my nephew's shirt he asked for (special to match his Jammie pants). I got a bit of fleece too. And that was about it. Off to Costco. Well that was groceries right . . . groceries are always a nasty stop. The bill is always higher than you think and what you carry out is not as much as one thinks you should get for what you paid . .. but ya gotta eat! so . . that be that. I still didn't get everything I wanted so . . . more grocery shopping! OI.

So, I head home tomorrow. Supposed to be damn cold . . .yukko, nice in the city but snowy and cold at home . .. almost wanna stay but . . can't have to go home sometime. I miss my hubby.

So, Catch you all later!

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