Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Sewing . ..

I remember somewhere along the line, I think I told you I would post some Christmas crafting photos . .. but after, so those who were receiving wouldn't see them? Well, here they are. . . Just in case I did promise.

Nephew's PJ Pants, Younger Nephew's Pants, Sis' nightie/pants/slippers. Sis' Slippers up close, Mom's Nightie N Poncho
BroInLaws Socks, Dad's socks

Bro in Law's Pants, Gramma's Vest and Scarf, Nephew's Pants.
I did make dad a pair of Oatmeal colored socks. I pictured them earlier as I don't believe dad does a lot of blog reading! LOL. And I made him a big towel, well I stitched the ends of a big piece of terri for him so he has a giant towel. Also for my sis, the boys mom, I made the floral Cascade afghan.
So there you have it, the Christmas crafting .. .
catch ya later!

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