Wednesday, January 10, 2007

They Are Done!

Yes, I mean the socks! LOL The beautiful blue wool socks with the nice long leg are done!
And here is the pic . ..

So, that pair of socks is done . .(the color doesn't show as nice in the picture as in real life. They are a darker blue but have a powdery blue to them even though they are nice and dark for men's socks.) I have a few more pair I would like to make, but first, I am going to make Hubby another Dickie, a better one . .. a black one . .. yes, you knitters out there! I said black! LOL It's next. Will be figured out tomorrow and put on the needles, and if he is lucky he will get a matching hat . . . Maybe.

Sounds like the blizzard it winding down out there . .. but then . .. you can wait 5 minutes and it sounds like its just getting wound up again. Will be interesting to see how the province wakes up tomorrow! Glad our Plows and such are back on the road, with the properly qualified operators in them! So, Hooray ! Saskatchewan might actually get moving again!

Anyways, I slept horrible last night, and it's 10:15pm so I think I might just go crawl into bed. MM mm I bet that bed will feel good!

So good night all! Sleep tight!
Talk to you soon!

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Mom said...

Ooh ... that pair turned out gorgeous!