Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sweater and Socks Accomplished!

They do make a beautiful set don't they? LOL

So the socks and sweater are done . . now to fish out the next ball of yarn to see what I am going to make . . . we shall see I suppose. If we are off to work right away (evening knitting). Then I need to plan for the spring birthdays . . . Ah yes, Dad, who is really easy as . . . I can make him socks! LOL Just because he digs in his drawer to find the ones I made . . . yeah, roots around making a mess until he finds them . . so that's easy. It's the other two. MOM, yes mom. what to make her . . . and that sister of mine . . . hm mm . .. will have to dig around and see what I can come up with. Though, I can't tell you guys or show you til after their birthdays . . . because I know they both read this . . . mom for the pictures and well sis too. ah well, I always manage something!

So have to go do some rooting around in the magic room(I call it that because it is organized yet a total mess right now!).

Catch ya all later!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh ... the set is so cool! Very nice!
- Mom