Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We haven't left yet . .. .

Well, I just looked at the weather for today. I guess it may be a good thing we didn't travel with the crane today. Lanigan, Wynyard, Foam Lake, Wadena . .. and so on, all under Heavy snow fall warning! Just what we all wanted . . . Just when spring, has started to do it's sprung, Old man winter wants another kick at the cat! That damn Cat should just bite the old bugger!!! (Maybe Py did!). You, Can't see the falling snow all that great, but it is there, giant snowflakes falling like rain!! The snow building up on the ground, the plywood left out to walk on . . instead of the mud and on the truck . .. You can see the lake in the back has grown .. . it is all lake in front of our truck too! Below trying to show you the snowflakes ... not such a great job . . .
Snow is building up on the truck . . . I guess we shall see how much snow we do get!! It just started . ..
Ahh, and the good news! The black socks are done! HOORAY!!!! Can you tell I am glad about that? They are done, no more rush to get them done for Dad's birthday!
And here is the package . .. . Light weight Black wool socks, Heavy denim blue wool socks, and navy blue acrylic socks . .. a variety. ... Hope he likes them . . ..actually I know he will love them . . .
So, there is a package I can wrap up . .. now on to mom's birthday package . .. I won't be able to show you pics cuz . .. mom reads this . .. so . .. will show you after her birthday!
So far, plan is to leave tomorrow. We will see what kinda snowfall we get . . . But that is the plan .. . so . .. maybe catchya later with an update of our snow!
So, Catchya later!

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MOM said...

Hi Sweetie,
You are spoiling him! lol I love the denim blue pair! Yes, he will love the package of homemade socks. I don't think there is anything that he would rather get!