Friday, March 09, 2007

My Favortie Doormat!

Hey, I guess my funk lasted longer than expected. Yesterday was a terrible one too . .. I just felt like crap all day. Today, though I feel better. Man those feelings can wear a person out . . . Though I did walk the long way to the post office, and walked the gravel stretch twice. I was feeling sorry for myself and feeling fat and ugly and all that nastiness . .. I hate when that creeps in. My emotional side tells me to "lay down till the feeling passes" or "eat chocolate", though these rarely work! And only add to the problem at hand. I had laid down on the bed, but James came in and wanted to know what the he** was going on. I couldn't put it into words so he got pissed off, and packed up for the farm and took off. I went for a walk. My logical side said "if you feel fat then do something, go walk til you don't feel that way anymore!" Hence walking the gravel stretch twice, the first time, I still felt bad so walked it again then I felt like I had done something. LOL probably a whole 2 miles of walking, which in the grand scheme isn't that much but its more than nothing!! And sure feels better then nothing!! Ah well, feeling better today. Should get out and walk again. I think I might shave my head down too . . . time for a cut. It's wild and woolly and it seems when I do pay someone $25.00 they have no clue how to cut it, if I go and spend $40.00 then I get a cut I feel good with that lasts .. . 6 weeks . . so think I might just go back to buzzing it . ..

Anyways, James is off to the farm to tin roofs with dad. I'm here at home . .. think I will work on some knitting. Maybe even transplant my Christmas cactus . .. I got a bigger pot for it, just haven't moved it over as it was blooming . . well it has buds now but, I am thinking I may be willing to take the chance to transplant it. I also may plant some herbs. We will see ...

I had this doormat emailed to me(caution it may be offensive to some viewers!). I don't know the origin. I love it! LOL Anybody know where I can get one?

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Lois said...

Cindy I hope you are feeling better by now.Things can get frustrating and I know how I feel when winter drags on .......and on!! It makes me feel like everything is wrong. Are you still walking? I am going to start (I have walking videos to walk with when I can't get out) I know just a little physical activity makes me feel like I am taking charge and doing something for myself and that is a good thing!! :)
Bye for now.....Lois