Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beautiful day for a swim .. .

So, we had a beautiful day today! It got up to 13 Celcius here! Not like Regina(supposed to get to 20 Celcius!), but it was nice. . .
We have a lake growing in our back yard. This is normal though . .. James hoped that pushing the snow might help, but there is nowhere we can push it that it will run off and not back. So, we have our spring lake! How do you like it? LOL
I went for a walk, that was nice. Beautiful weather. Out in my denim jacket and ball cap! sweet deal! I met a lady a long the way that was very very happy that spring was here! She agrees this winter seemed nasty, because if the temp. was nice it was a blizzard of snow. If it wasn't snowing it was bitter cold and you didn't want to do anything!! So, Spring has sprung and as much as I hate the mud, I am happy to see it! LOL
Had a good walk, made a pair of jammie pants today. I can't show them to you, they are for a Christmas present! Yes, I make myself sick . .. LOL Because I am sooo looking forward to summer!
Ah well, I should run. Talk to you later.


Dawn said...

Love the new pond in your yard! Some people pay big money for that type of thing. I have a pond that grows in my front yard as we thaw. People that drive by laugh as they look at my "pond" because there is a toy boat in it as well as a rubber duckie. I thought I might was well make the best of it. LOL

Yarn Devil said...

Hey Dawn! Great Idea!! :D

Lou said...

Glad to hear you have spring. I have just got demands for more, more more jammy pants. So, I'll be on top of that so it doesn't all end up in December (maybe for birthdays). Kind of miss the NJAKG but don't find much time for 'puter these days. Calving is in full swing. Good luck with work, do you travel far?