Thursday, March 22, 2007

Very cool . ..

Hey, Today, In the mail! I got my chapters/indigo gift cards. I ordered them with my lovely air miles! I saved enough miles to get 3 gift cards. So, I spent one and a bit on me(will tell you in a minute what I ordered) and I am giving one to my mom, now she can pass it on or use it for herself .. . up to her but she has helped me collect air miles!! wooo whooo!! and I believe she should lay claim to one card. So, its in my wallet ready for her next time I see her! (tempted to mail it but I know she isn't impatient like me!! LOL). So, I ordered . .. LOL Casts off . . .because Stephanie was showing off the book on her Yarn Harlot blog and making me drool!! I also ordered the At Knits End, and Secret Life of a Knitter(this may sound a little obsessive . .. but I love how she writes . .. I had a hard time putting down her Knitting Rules book, and I giggled and down right, out right, Laughed my ass off through it too!!). I ordered One Skein Wonders, as I go to the Chapters in Regina and drool on their copies so much I should just get the damn thing! LOL So, I ordered my books! I tried to see if James wanted anything but what he wanted was not yet available, so .. . I guess the remainder of the gift card . .. will be on whatever tickles us next! Very fun!!

So, this morning, I went for my walk. . .It was beautiful outside!! I picked up a pound of nails for James at the Co-op and the mail on my way around .. . as that is the route. . . walk the long part then grab the mail and home! Love my trek. Anyways, came home helped James outside a little .. . came in .. . made a nice turkey mmmm wrap for lunch . .. could have used more sauce but . .. better for us with less! it was good though .. .

I am drawing neared the finish of the bag . .. now, the black sock is waiting . .. and I am making a bag . . . hmmm .. .says something about the black sock? er maybe just something about me! LOL

OK, I have been fighting with this idea for a long time . .. One way it's good other not so good . .. I am going to post a wish list. Now, I know a lot of people think that is a bad thing, but ask my mom!!! This is a good thing . .. So, I am going to post it for those whom need it, those who don't need it . .. don't need to read it or look at it or whatever .. . but It will be there . .. for those who are always asking what I might want for ______ . You know. So, that's it.

That's all for now! Hope your all having a lovely day!! enjoying that lovely weather!! the wind is a little chilly but good otherwise!


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