Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quiet and Uneventful, but I can ramble on with the best of um!!

Well, Quiet and uneventful today. You know that isn't so bad. I been working on my Lion Brand bag - Its the striped self lined bag. They want it made from Lion Cashmere . .. I am using Red Heart. I imagine the cashmere would be beautiful, absolutely beautiful but . . . I could never find the yarn and If I did I would probably have had to cut my right arm off for it . .. so Red heart to the rescue in plain old acrylic, Which will wear like a damn . .. It's looking good. The bag that is, all black and tweed stripe all though I am disappointed that my tweed didn't show through as well as I thought it would. Looks like black and natural or cream, which isn't the end of the world either .. . LOL we will see what happens when its done.

We did dishes last night. James an I, What I didn't tell you is that the damn dishwasher(I have some choice words for it but not appropriate here and maybe not all its fault but the water here in towns) didn't wash the load of dishes that it was supposed to. So I really didn't do all the dishes .. . I did all the ones that don't go in the dishwasher, the pots, pans, flippers and all that stuff .. . special mugs you know .. . the stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher then I left .. . Not realizing I had started the dishwasher, stopped it, then forgot to start it again! So, James ran the damn thing when he got home and it didn't wash like it should have . .. probably because it had a spray of our lovely town water before it got to washing and had time to dry on the dishes(safe to drink my ass). Anyways we wont get into the water issue because I get nasty about it. James an I did all those nasty dishes together. And you know, doing dishes together is sooo much nicer .. . only takes half the time. Much nicer anyways . ..

James was working outside today and was cutting stuff for the doorways in the new space so . .. I did the dishes alone but, really prefer to have the company .. . LOL

I traced or started tracing the pant pattern my mom asked for too. I need to trace another pattern too as I have used it SO much that it is wearing out!! Anybody else used a pattern til you thought it might just disintegrate in your fingers next use? OI!! Anyways, the Dollar Giant had tracing paper for a buck so I got some . . Mom got some too! it was a lot of sheets for that buck so, we figured it a good deal. Not so bad to trace patterns for the lovely hard to fits in the family that way. Like our skinny guys that are miles tall and so on .. . When I alter a pattern that I know I am going to use a lot I just trace it the way I altered it then Name it for that person . .. LOL and make notes in my project notebook. Yeah I keep a project notebook, more because I am curious as to how many pairs of socks and ponchos and sewn vests and sewn pants I can turn out in a year .. . I know I could turn more out .. . but there is this thing called work one has to do to pay bills and support ones fabric and yarn addictions. I wonder, would I be spending more on cigarettes if I was a smoker? I truly believe my yarn and fabric is far better for me than that stuff . .. or many other vices people have for that matter.

I just need to figure out how to get a damn good walk with a Walkman going and a sock in had or something. ROTFLMAO wouldn't that be the life. Couldn't do it now! I went for a walk today, I am trying for everyday but, sometimes everyday doesn't happen . . . So, the gravel road is pretty good, except for a couple soft soupy spots, but the paved road into town is still icy slushy slip around all over the place!! Hard to walk good when your sliding all over the place!! so, ultimately would be great to be able to walk completely on the gravel . . . because its not icy but then I can't get the mail uptown . . . so, I make the trip around and go through the icy stuff, so I can walk by the mail and pick it up.

I put a poster up for the Saskcrafters group on the community bulletin board but the damn thing blew around and lost all the pull off tabs with the address on it. So am working on how I can better that, so it stands up to the wind. I have an idea but . .. we will see how it works out..

I need to print out the WynyardBuySellTrade flyer too and put it up .. . Hopefully tomorrow!!

Anyways . .. think I have rambled on long enough. I should go and brush, floss and rinse. Then maybe finish tracing that pant pattern. I guess we shall see .. .

So, Good night all!

OOOH I forgot to tell you all! I tried London Fog at home, with Vanilla Nut tea .. . eeeww yuck!! It wasn't the worst but it wasn't that good. The milk carried the tea . .. sad. The tea wasn't strong enough, and I didn't have any Earl Gray. Next time it will be regular tea. As the tea needs a good strong flavour! I also made it with brown sugar(2 rounded tsp), which was yummy and vanilla extract(1tsp overflowed, as one alone was not quite strong enough when we made it at Mom's), because I had no Vanilla Syrup. It worked, except not enough tea flavour!

Goodnight again! LOL

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