Saturday, March 03, 2007

WIP's Galore

This one, Dad's sock. Today, while riding around in the truck from home to farm to Preeceville to pushing snow in these places, I actually finished the heel flap and turned the heel, picked up stitches(in between snowbank bumps), and started to decrease for the foot. It is turning out nice but while picking up stitches I was wondering what possessed me to try black socks? Just to see if I could? hmmm . .. I wonder . .. LOL This is a Christmas exchange from my friend Reet! I love the little bear angel and the book . .. The watches are going to have to be worn for good as I don't think banging them around on the bin will wear well! I love the book, tiz about cats and is beautiful . . . Thanks again REET!!
Here is the start of a baby quilt. Its a bit fussy. but it's looking good. I love the rocking horse fabric. In fact I loved it so much I bought some in blue and have another project in mind .. . but I have so many going .. . LOL ..

So that is today's excitement. I didn't finish any projects but have put a few rows on and stitched a bit here and there .. .
I want to sew a new purse ( a better design, my current design flops open too much!). I want to sew a little knitting bag .. . and I want to redo the knitting basket .. . . hmmm and you know the stack of fabric to sew up in my room calls to me too . ..
Now only if I could get some descent water for doing laundry. (our water was orange again today, seems like all day, think mr.townman didn't flush the pump at all, but who am I to say anything? I just keep hoping tomorrow will be better . . .. been hoping for a few days now!)
Ah well, I am off and running! Catch ya's all later!

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Lois said...

Thanks for the pics of your quilt, Cindy. I was hoping to see some. :)
I love the bears and the little pink baby buggies. I am definitely inspired. I have my material ready to cut, so maybe today is the day!!