Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A slow start to a good day . ..

Hey all! Thought I would toss in a new pic of the crazy blooming Christmas Cactus! Yes, I took this picture today, and this is one of the 2 blooms that survived the transplant. Still blooming strong. Go Figure! Today in the mail I got this lovely package! 4 balls of beautiful soft yummy yarn, and 2 sets of tags! It was a small tool swap we did in on of my groups . . .

I love the tags! They are always fun! mmmm and see yummmy yarn!!!
Soft and lovely yarn!! I love it!!
So, slow start because we just kinda rolled out of bed. Neither of us slept well. I got up, had breakfast. Then I wandered into the sewing room .. . well crafting room I guess . .. maybe . . and continued tracing that pattern. I finished tracing it. Cut out 2 pairs of pants. Sewed one pair of pants up(sorry can't show you a pic, its a gift!). After though. Had some lunch, did up the waist on the pants(pj pants so, threaded the elastic through and sewed up the hole). Then I was off to Wadena. I had those nails to return. The ones I made the trip to Wadena special for .. . LOL always seems to work that way you know .. . go for one thing your gonna end up taking that one thing back!! LOL Must be a Murphy's Law that covers that somewhere . . . but we are protesting that aren't we? hmmm .. . anyways, made that trip, traded the nails for a paintbrush. Yes, the paintbrush was $10.49 before tax! one brush, real bristle, as that is what the stain calls for! and the Nails were $16 something . . . so I got a whole 4 something back .. . I had a lot more nails then paintbrush let me tell ya. LOL. I also grabbed some paint swatches for the new room ... James told me it will be a long time before I need them, which is fine but I would like to have an idea what colour I want before we go to buy it. I was thinking something tan with a touch of red to it, but now I am thinking more creamy as my tan like swatches didn't POP for me. So, then I went to SArcan and got rid of the bottles I had. Few bucks back in the pocket there. Always like that. ooh and I went to the grocery store. I wanted that earl grey tea! Yeah I know could have lived with out it but, more fun to live with it. Also bought some veggies there too . . . came home, inhaled a piece of jerky! LOL I was hungry .. . ooh and thirsty ... in fact I could go for a drink o something. hmm .. . water. Anyways, got home put the groceries away, took the above pictures, went for a walk and now I am sitting here. waiting for James to come tell me he needs a hand. I was going to start supper but don't want to start it and end up forgetting something or burning it when James needs a hand so will make supper in a bit.
So was a good day! Oooh and you know, I think Sears is going off the deep end. I have received 2 catalogues, not one, 2! this week and it is only Weds. I always thought it was every second week we got one . . LOL James said every week . ..LOL now we have to both change to twice a week . .. whats that saying? anyways ... more for the recycle. . . mind you there were some beautiful clogs in there that came in extra wide so I might actually get my tall fat foot in them but they still wanted $103. on sale!!! But they were cute. And I will leave it at that!!
So off and running! Catchya's all again soon!

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