Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm soooo bad . . ..

Well, I couldn't wait. I was having visions of this quilt sitting on my sewing machine when I got home from a season of bin building(fall), So . . . I knew where to find the pattern . . shame on me, and I went to work. I have done all but the ties to quilt it.

James and I agree that I should have done it all in the rocking horses, or all in the bears. The bears I would have added some yellow to. Ah well. I can live with it where its at till everyone else catches up :D Bad Bad girlie that I am . ..

Now I can sew something else and feel better about it. Don't ask me why! LOL

Talk to ya all later!


Dandy said...

Cindy thats gorgeous!!!
I don't have that much patience to sew that much... I'd love to, I have probally enough old jeans to make 2 quilts... I have big plans on making a jean quilt one day.

Lou said...

I love the color, you chose well!

Lois said...

Your quilt looks great Cindy! I love it. I haven't cut mine yet, but I have been reading ahead to the sewing directions and I am very confused about a certain part that I will definitely be asking you about when the time comes.
You did such a good job!

MOM said...

Hello my Cindy!
Your quilt is gorgeous! I think it looks just fine with the rocking horses and the bears - might have been a little boring with just one. I love it just the way you did it!