Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ever had one of those days?

Well if you have had one of those days, you know what I am talking about. One of those, In a funk days. I had one of them yesterday. I just woke up feeling out of sorts. James after being up a short time, knew I was in a funk. He in fact came into the living room and gave me a hug and told me I didn't have to go it alone, he's there for me. I know he is, but I didn't know what kinda funk I had stumbled on. I was missing my grandma, my grandpa, my cat. So James and I did some snuggling. I love just snuggling up. Made me feel better. Then I ran to Wadena for the afternoon . .. had a couple things to do that took much longer than intended. When I got home James was ready to nail in our window to the extension. Makes it very bright in there . .. maybe will take a picture when we get it cleaned up some . . .stuff all over the floor and you know . .. so, you have to wait! Then after supper, I worked on my Purse, which you see pictures of on yesterdays post.

And today, I went to the dentist! Yes, Part 2 of a much needed, much neglected cleaning! My teeth are sore again. But, they are clean! I really like that dental office in Melville. Then we ran through Yorkton on the way back to grab a couple things. . . When I got home to check the mail. I received my Small Tool Swap! Lois sent me great stuff! I love the sock shaped point protectors. The crochet hook cushion will come in handy on the next big crochet project! and under them is a neat card I can pass along :) The one standing is the one she sent to me! Very cool!

So, these were a nice surprise after yesterday's funk. And today's disappointment with the purse . . . just need to alter it a little .. . I know exactly what I wanna do to it! so its good :)

So that is today's excitement . .. I have a birthday card to write and address and find something neat to send with . .. then I might be off to bed .. we will see!

Talk to you later,


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