Friday, March 23, 2007

Striped bag that I am . ..

OK, here is the bag. The lion brand pattern bag . .. worked up in Red Heart yarn. Black and tweed. Yes that is supposed to be a tweed. The bag, I had hoped would be large enough for a purse .. . it is not. Well maybe for someone who carries less stuff. But I carry a lot of stuff so, it's small for me. It is about 9 inches long and 7 inches deep. Nice pattern, nice bag. . . just not enough room for me .. ah well .. .

Anyways, Today, I finished that bag. James and I had some unexpected company. James cousin stopped in. Was a nice surprise. Good to see him. Anyways, we were off to Yorkton after. We returned some insulation. Then, forgot the eves trough . .. I though James had changed his mind, apparently he was having a distracted moment and forgot. Ah, we all have those. . . Then off to Walmart to get mouthwash. Yes, I had a hard time again remembering what the heck green we use of the Listerine. .. Kinda like to ask Listerine why they don't just make them all green that way we could never ever even have an incling of a clue what flavour we got last. So, I bought one of each of the 2 greens. Get home, the one with fluoride that I didn't buy, is what we had before. . hmm go figure . .. LOL anyhow, On from walmart off to Yorkton Concrete. Picked up the last of our patio blocks from the auction . .. let me tell ya . . . oh sh*t that's a lot of weight for our poor old truck . .. well not that old but old enough .. . 10 this year. They did get the load in better this time so . . . the truck road much better than the last round .. course we had less in the box ... James took the pails out .. . LOL we didn't expect that many blocks from the auction. It had stated 20 blocks .. . what it was was 200 sq ft. of blocks. which is 40 blocks .. . 20 per palette(we took one pallete last time and one this time) Each block weighing in at 110 lbs. I couldn't lift them .. . too awkward, thought I would drop it . . so ... James my hunny, unloaded them . .. the first load and this second one now . .now to wait until the ground is defrosted and we can make a nice base to put them out where we want them . .. ooh they will be nice around the added on part ... (will post pics tomorrow).

*sighs* so, I am off to bed. Will catchya's later!

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Lois said...

Cindy I love your bag! I saved the pattern a long time ago when I first saw it on the Lion Brand site and hoped to make it "someday" when I had time (ha, ha :))

Good job!