Saturday, April 07, 2007

Quick Stop in

Hey all, Just stopped home quick. LOL yes, off to the city tomorrow for Easter supper with the family. Hopefully I can get there on time! LOL We shall see . ..
We have been freezing our butts off. It snowed, it rained, it blew... was cold. Anyways . .. we managed to get legs and support angles, skids and chutes(rollers and such on the bottom to keep them closed when full) on 18 - 18 foot hopper cones, so the cones are done, the 6 - 14 foot hopper cones are skidded(bases put on). We also managed to get 4 of our 6 Westeel - Rosco's done. The pic below has two rings on, we were getting the ladder in the correct spot when this pic was taken. (more will follow later . .. ) This is just a pic of what the marsh on the other side of the trail from the yard we work in is like. This day was cold and the water is very grey and icy. We froze our butts most of the time we were there this week. That wind was nasty! Icy! The sun was warm when we did happen to see it, but the wind was sure to make it colder! So, refuge out of the wind was taken sometimes . .. brrr

I have been working on a little project . . little bits at a time . .. might show you later .. .. it is a gift but its turning out neat, so we shall see.
Talk to you all later!

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