Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TaDA! A new purse!

Hey, I made myself a new purse. I was tired of the last one I made always falling open. I know I could have found a way to fix it ... If the straps hadn't been so long and the bag so wide . .. I know this one is also very boring next to the last one, No fancy stitching on it .. . I just didn't feel like putting any on. I made the I-cord for the handles. Very easy . . . We shall see how it holds up though(my purse is heavy like a brick). Tomorrow will be the true test, try it out in public. James said it looked alright and as long as it did what I wanted then it was good. Which is true. I kinda miss the fancy stitches . .. Though I love the basic look of it too . . . Will look even better once it is worn in .. . which is good :) Well that was today's feet, well and yesterday afternoon . .. after the curtain for the bathroom, which I am sorry I couldn't get a pic of cuz the bathroom is just too small . .. LOL yes, can't get a good picture of that corner. Off to the dentist tomorrow, for a cleaning . .. OI. Ahh well . .. enjoy the pics. I am off to bed . . . Gnight all!

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Mom said...

Your new purse looks very neat. Hope it works for you and your handles hold up okay.