Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home, Plants and Such

Well, here for you is a bright and cheery picture! LOL I love the new space! I do think mind you that the insulation really has to go!!! LOL It's taking up space, and right now as I type . .. James is working on that. My Christmas Cactus is still blooming! I can not believe it!!
I transplanted the little devil while it had buds. I thought sure as hell I would loose all the blooms coming. Apparently not. I guess my cactus likes it's new pot. .. even though its a bit big for it!! I think the cactus will be very happy to grow into it!! Bloom 1 above, bloom 2 below!
My Cactus in full, in her new pot! I think she might like it!!
Some Lemon Basil I planted in a mug my aunti gave me . .. She didn't intend them as plant pots but I just thought since they looked like plant pots and looked to be the right size for herbs . .. maybe that is what I should use them for . .. as I have plenty of mugs at home . .. for drinking out of!! I think my Lemon basil will be very neat!! I also planted chives which are just peeping up, and Catnip which is just behind the basil and . . . oregano. James asked why I planted catnip .. .I told him just because!! LOL
So, I'm home. I am itching to go for a walk. I missed a walk yesterday .. . must go today . .. should almost go twice. Its windy, but -4c is still nice . .. didn't check the wind chill though . . and I don't think I will .. . . I will just dress and go!
I am dying to hear from my mom how she is doing with her new sewing machine. .. she got a beauty!! I bet she is too busy having fun with it to be here reading! LOL
I need to do dishes and laundry. My laundry . . . James did his and one or two pieces of mine that he figured would go with his load. I need to do the rest of mine. Get ready to go off to work next week . . .
We are also going to go to be certified bin builders by Westeel in April. That should prove interesting. A trip to Winnipeg, very cool . . .so we shall see how that goes . .. Will have to do some research.. . see if there is any where's I would like to go . .. Should be a good little get away.
So, that's it for now . . . talk to you all later ,

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Lou said...

What a shine and happy looking little Xmas Cactus! It must love it's living conditions.