Monday, March 26, 2007

We Owe, We Owe, It's off to work we go . ..

Hey, Well, Had a good day today. Did a lot . .. *shrugs* Got up 8:15ish. Took the truck uptown for its Oil Change. Took my walk. Came home did a few rows on the black socks heal flap. Took a short nap(wasn't feeling 100%). Walked up and grabbed the mail(hooray!!) and the truck. Made lunch. Packed some cloths and such. Went to Wadena to get some groceries. Came home, packed some groceries, went and held the ladder over at the shop for James for a bit. Came home, did some tool box cleaning and packing. Swept out the back of the truck. Now I am telling you about it and wondering what to make for supper. . . We are off and running to work . . . will catchya all in a bit. I hope to remember to pack the camera and take some pics for you all, if I get the chance.

In the mail today! I received my books!! Can you believe it! That quick!! Cast's off wasn't in this shipment but will be in the next one . .. at the end of the month!! But I love my books I got today . ..was a wonderful surprise! Did not think they would get here before we took off! So, now I don't know which book to take with me .. . actually I know exactly which books I am taking with me . . . LOL The one skein wonders will stay home as I have my projects for the trip picked ... well, won't get them all done . . but one always hopes to sneak in the knitting everywhere possible right? LOL yeah I know I am knitting addicted. What can I say? Better than other vices out there!

So, will see ya in a bit! Hopefully with pictures and such!

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