Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Eve

Hey all,
I forgot to tell you! While in the city, Mom, Auntie and I, tried out London Fog ~ the drink. I love it! Mom likes it . .. auntie likes it. I gave some to my sis though and she made quite the face! Think cuz it was getting to be cold by then .. . LOL Anyways. .. had one at this neat coffee shop on, Broad and .. . hmm .. . 15Th? South of College anyways . .. that was a damn nice London fog. Had one from Starbucks in the Chapters at south land .. . that was the one we drank on the way to moose jaw. MM yum .. . then we made one at home after I looked up the directions to make um .. . :)

So, that was exciting...

Now today. I went for a walk. I posted a sign up about the Saskcrafters group on the bulletin board in front of the post office ... Hope it doesn't blow away and that maybe someone shows some interest in it. :) would like to build the group up and get some more conversation going and such :) I walked the long way . . good for me!! I did some laundry . .. wooo whoo exciting eh? My dishes still sit piled high(I am protesting as when I left for the city I did up all the dishes even though I was madder then a hatter, so all he had to deal with was his own mess). So I haven't touched them. James my sweetheart has cooked supper last night and tonight :D .

On one great note! I finished my hidden Item Last night. Sorry can't show pics yet. I have finished one of the black socks. Yes one. I have cast on the second and have 11 of the 80 leg rows done on it. So 69 rows til the heal flap!!! LOL I also cast on the Lion Brand bag I wanted to make . .. I have started knitting it too. . . should be neat when its done . ..

So that was today's excitement.

Well, off and running!
Catchya later,

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Lois said...

Looked up the london fog and it does sound yummy!! I never heard of it before so I will now have to try it sometime. :)
What Lion Brand bag are you knitting?