Thursday, March 01, 2007

Got Snow?

This is James and I leaving the farm after pushing up this morning's snow. This is not the added stuff that fell and blew tonight after 2pm. Just what we had before and what fell last night. See how high its pushed? See how crowded that driveway is(couldn't haul any grain out as a semi truck wouldn't fit, least we don't think so.) This one is where part of the garden is buried(to the east of the house), and there is a burning barrel there . .. under the snow . . and Dad's old Chev truck.
This is the other side of the house, there is a Ford car buried in that snowbank.
There is a barn, back further from the fuel tanks and the wood grainery. If you look hard you can see the roof!

You like the snow? We have lots ... . and its still coming!!! Ah well, Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Horton's! I saw the commercial the other day! So spring will, spring up soon!!

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