Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Happy Halloween!

I've been knitting, it is not much, but it is a start. This is the forever restarting scarf. LOL I am determined to finish it now!!! And not to have to restart it yet again!!!

I may have been knitting a little tight to begin with.. notice the cream zig zag is a little closer together to begin with!
Oh my! But I am not restarting again!!!

 Gwyn has been Daddy's girl today. She was with him all morning... and most of the afternoon until I got her ready to go trick or treating. Hanging with dad in the bedroom watching TV, playing with him, while he played his game.

 When I put her costume on her she ran to show daddy. Also wanted him to take the banana out of her pocket!!! LOL was soooo cute!!

Just about ready to go, still trying to get that banana.

Trick or treating buddies. We made a few miles. They did well!

Enjoying an Orange juice and smarties from her loot!!

After a hard day of play,  and no early nap.. she was out!!

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Miss Em said...

I am so glad she made it out for halloween and oh my are those costumes adorable.