Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Some days...

Well, some days you wonder what the fruck... would it have been any better if I would have stayed in bed? I thought I was having a pretty damn good day.  James on the other hand... was not. 

I started out, sunshine in the morning... mmm nice.. Gwyn playing nicely. She ate breakfast like a trooper... Played nicely after. So, I did my dishes... I should have taken her outside... because when I finished them darn dishes the sun had disappeared and the wind had come up... nothing like gravel blasting your kiddie in the backyard.. so we stayed in. We picked up Gwyn's toys and vacuumed.  I made lunch. Gwyn ate well again. She struggled to go down for a nap.. she was soooo damn tired... but would fall asleep.. then wouldn't go down in her bed. I so wanted her to go down in her bed so I could fold the laundry.. was not happening. So, I gave up on her going down and decided to hold her. She finally got to sleep.. had about 20min. Then the phone rings. Gotta run.... bah...off I run. Which, ended up being a needless trip. I did however get to have tea with MIL and mmm yummy brownie. Gwyn had a visit with her grandma. Both combines were down... James having.. not so much fun pulling his apart. I am not sure what the result of dad's was as he was at the field yet when I left.  Then, I came home to feed my girlie and put her in her jammies and all that good stuff. James was not far behind.  We did alright coming home. James on the other hand did some hunting without a licence with the truck.  At least he is ok. The truck we will leave to SGI to figure out... but you know the new hood, headlights, bumper he got when he hit that quad a few years back... well... they all F'd up now. Gawds.

So, some days, you wonder if the Gods are laughing at you, or just holding things together by a tiny little string for you.... things could have been a lot worse!!

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