Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Fr*ck'ng Halloween

The flu has hit. I think Gwyn is better today. She was eating up a storm. Eating everything you gave her.  James and I, could hardly stand the look of food, but forced ourselves to eat. The flu hit last night for James and I. It hit Gwyn Wednesday or Thursday night. So, one Halloween costume, found for nothing.... I don't want to pass this nasty flu to anyone. I am even wondering if we should keep the lights out and doors locked... so not to pass to any unsuspecting kiddies... Maybe tomorrow will tell me better.

So, enough about our sick.

Have a Happy Halloween!!! And don't eat too much candy!!!

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Miss Em said...

OH NO!!!! That is horrible. The flu is horrid. We have gotten the stomach flu in January the past 3 years and I am praying that we skip this year. I hope you all feel better soon!!!!