Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, Much as I hate missing Gymnastics for Gwyn. She was too sick today to go.  I mean, she could have done it, but I don't want to be the person spreading this... f*cking cold around. I don't want to be the one who's kid gave it to that kid, who gave it to that kid. So, we stayed home. Course, I too am down with the cold so, there was not much energy to be had all round.  WE had a very cranky Gwyn with a very runny nose. I feel like I am getting better... I am worried that James may be catching it. Heaven help us. Miserable thing of a cold.

Anyways, during Gwyn's happy moments this morning.. she snarfed my ice cube tray from the counter.. here she is sorting her Fruit loops, bran buds and cheerios out. It did entertain her for awhile. I don't for the life of me see what an ice cube tray could hurt, so she played.

Yesterday, was carrot digging day. James dug. MIL and I topped and put in pails. MIL did most of it. She also washed the bags of carrots which is equivalent to 3 pails for us. She is a wonderful MIL. Don't know how I got so lucky. Left us 2 pails to wash and deal with. Well.. we were supposed to do that today... lack of ambition and energy.. they are still in the porch... sadly. But may be taken care of later. The bags need to be, scraped or peeled and then chopped, blanched and frozen. I will keep some fresh out. I will also grate some for Carrot Cake/muffins. mmm yes... must have some for cake or muffins.

 Though lacking in energy to do the carrots... I did manage to do the first wave of dishes. I also made this lovely banana bread. I have only been aiming to make this for a week.... and somehow something always gets in the way.... ROTFL go figure? But, made and looking yummy.. smells good too...

Gwyn is down for a nap, yes it is horrible late in the day for her to nap but, nap now.. or be miserable.. and I mean horrid miserable. So, nappy it is. I think it is almost wake up time. Her daddy however, was feeling run down and watched the football game(big disappointment) then laid down for a nap. I think I might go give him a little snuggle......  Will talk to you all later.. and keep you posted on my... carrot adventures!!! ROTFLMAO  I did ask my momma if she was going to come next week, bring my apples and pears and swap for a pail of carrots... will see what happens. With us sick she doesn't want to come stay overnight.. don't blame her. Might have to meet half way... will see what happens....

I am starting to feel a bit better... hopefully I will be done with this cold!!

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Miss Em said...

Seriously something must be done about this cold. You guys have cycled through this like a 100 times. Ok I exaggerate but that is nothing new. I am anxious to see what you do with all the carrots. You are ambitious to even consider working with that many carrots. I would cry. BTW, the neighbor/baby watching/housecleaning thing sounds like a plan! I don't wash carrots though =)