Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pie and blankets...

Another coolish day out there. It ended nicer than it began... which.. is nice I suppose. Promises of a nicer day tomorrow... Let's hope :)

My girl likes to get under a blanket and play around.. she will roll around and play peeka for quite a while.
Though, last night she was not well. Today may have been a wee bit of aftermath. But she did snuggle up in the blankies for fun.

I got some pears and apples ordered from the fruit truck.. and well, pears tend not to travel well. So, we decided to make some pear pie... well and apple pie too.... Here I am making up the pastry. Two pear, one apple.

Before baking, 3 pies. 4 apple/pear pastry perogies.. LOL

Pictures of fresh baked to follow.. If I get a pic before we eat them!! LOL

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