Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanksgiving and such....

Well, my Regina trip for thanksgiving went well. It was a wonderful visit. A fantastic supper!! We got to see Auntie N and her little Mr.R. Gwyn thinks the world of Mr.R. We saw Auntie Wendy and Uncle Darren. We got a quick shop with Great Auntie. We managed a bit of shopping with Grandma. We did a $7.99 Walmart Portrait deal...... good gawd... now that was a performance. We did an oil change on the van. I got a haircut. I washed the van!! OOH yes.. it was in need!!! We did pictures at a park.. that was.. interesting.. and will be attempted again.... maybe! :) All good fun.  Hmm... now what else to tell you??? We were home Monday afternoon. We were in Yorkton yesterday.

Her daddy thinks her new squeaky shoes are ugly, annoying but have a certain cuteness or charm about them... and Gwyn likes them so it's all ok.  LOL I love them, Grandma loves them and Gwyn loves them.. which really is all that matters as she is the one wearing them.  But they are real leather!!! For kids.. try and find that!!! Too cute that they squeak too!!! Love it!! Her Grandma wanted her to have a pair of shoes to go with her little dresses and jumpers. So we looked for some in Walmart, they had none in her size.. I kid you not... NONE. Oh.. one.. but it was ugly and did not fit her foot right. WE found the squeaky feet in Cozy Cradles. Gwyn was so tired, she did not want to try them on.. was having none of it. Well.. once wrestled into the shoes... she found they squeaked.. then didn't want to take them off!!! So cute! So, wrestle them off to try another size, another size way too big. Take those off.. no wrestling to get these back on. And she wore them out of the she loved them that much!!! Very cool!!

This morning.. started out as hell. After a nap. New girl! Hooray for that!! Course, mommy napped too! So, new mommy too.. thank gawd. We were both horrid(tired, cranky, sickish). After our nap, much better. Had lunch. Ran papers for daddy out to the farm. Had a visit with Grandma L. out at the farm.
I don't think she believes that it is actually dry in the mud rut. It has been mud all summer and has just dried out this past week. She seemed disappointed or confused or something...
You know.. I really should define grandparents shouldn't I? I call them both mom and dad. My parents are the city grandparents and James are the farm grandparents. I suppose though I should define them otherwise for ease of read? OK, going back to do that now in this post... Ok. so now, City folk will just be grandma and grandpa... farm folk... Grandma L. and grandpa L. Blah.. I hate that, but there it is.

After our visit at the farm we came home and played outside a bit. Then came inside, hung out. Daddy came home. I made supper (mmm wedges). Did dishes.. ahh something caught up. Then time for bed. OOH Wait!! In there, Gwyn ate a whole ice cream cone!!! After supper, before bed!!! OMG!! First time ever. She ate the whole thing, on her own. No help!! Fantastic! Was sooo proud of her. Oh and she ate supper fairly well. Had a couple bites of a Wagon wheel... then ate that whole cone on her own. Amazing that girl!

So, I am caught up in the dishes. Just to catch up in the rest of my world now.. Laundry. Picked up Gwyn's toys tonight with some reluctant help from her but it got done!! Fantastic. So, caught up to Laundry and maybe some groceries. Yeah, like milk, water, eggs... hmmm yogurt! LOL I always feel so far behind when I get home from the city. Like I went away yet, things still got dirty.. even though James was at the farm and dirtied one pot the whole time I was gone. I still felt so far behind when I got back. I don't know if it is just because of the mountain of laundry er what. But dishes being done.. for some reason.. makes that load feel lighter.. weird eh? eh, maybe not so weird. And yes, I left the house with some dishes in the sink. That is just how it is, and how I roll. Live first, dishes later. Just wish they could wait longer so I had more time with my girl.... but, sometimes  you just have to break down and do certain things(and yes the rest of my house is a disaster, I have a toddler, get over it).

On that note, It is quarter to two... oh gawd I's tired. but my  head is wide awake!! Makin' me nuts!!
But I should run,
Catch you all later!!!
Hope you enjoyed my rambling read!!


Katrinka said...

Sure did enjoy your "rambling." Keep it up. Can you believe I still haven't delivered the baby gift for Gwyn? Tsk. She'll end up getting it at her wedding.

Miss Em said...

Ok, I have no idea how you keep it all straight. That is a lot happenin! Glad thanksgiving was fun, can't wait for ours in the states. I love that drunkin stupor you feel after eating lots of turkey. Thanks for the update!