Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom and Auntie W. came for a visit....

My little monkey!
 Mom, being wonderful, went and found our girl a Hallowe'en costume. I wasn't going to take her out.. but changed my mind when all her little friends were going. I must say she makes a very cute monkey!

This, is winter. This is what we woke up to this morning.. It has snowed and blown all day!! Horrible cold wind...  Mom and Auntie W. are not going home tomorrow... at least we don't think so!!

 Grandma and Gwyn are opening a book for her little touch leap pad... it's a very cute story!!

 Gwyn loves bubbles! Dish bubbles, bath bubbles, any kind of bubbles. So, when I run a sink of dishes I usually give her a few to play with. Tonight we had a lot of bubbles, so she and Grandma and Auntie had lots of fun!!

Well.. I am a little rude here.. so going to sign off.. will tell you more later.. enjoy the pics!!

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Miss Em said...

Ha! So funny we both posted cute halloween costume posts today. She is an adorable monkey. Glad your family came to visit it is always fun when they can.