Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not doing much today...

Didn't do a lot today.  Dishes, couple loads of laundry. Didn't even look at carrots. We did 49 bags of sliced, 7 bags of grated and 5 bags of chunks for in with roasts.  Day one James did the peeling and slicing. Day two, I did the peeling and most the slicing. Today would have been day 3, but we were both tired of carrots and took a day off.  James cleaned up a pile of siding and such from the yard and took it to the dump today. Other than that, it is pretty quiet. Tomorrow, I will be picking up Mom's pantry order for gymnastics in Wadena in the afternoon. Other than that.. maybe some more carrots as I have a pail to deal with yet... I mean a 5 gallon pail.. so, lots of carrots yet!! :)

So, off to bed soon, will catchya later.

Miss Em. If you were my neighbor and we had the housework/kid swap going.. I wouldn't tie you to carrots.. I would send Gwyn over to you!! :D

OOOH and on the cold front... we are getting better!! Worlds better today!! Hopefully even better tomorrow!!!

Catchya later!

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