Friday, October 22, 2010

Amazed I managed to get a Lasagna in the oven...

This morning it was a bit chilly in the house.  Gwyn has learnt from her daddy to take a blanket and crawl under it over the heat register. Then the air blowing up really warms you up! So, I made her a little fort to play in, while enjoying the heat.
Our blanket fort, in the living room :)
 She loved it. Loved playing in the blanket where it was warm!

Loving my blanket fort!!

She went down for a nap in her bed. It was a fairly short one. As her daddy called, which didn't wake her, until a few minutes after I hung up.  Then I almost had her back to sleep.. and the phone rang again.... Dognaggit!!! I do think she got a reasonable sleep though. 

Sleeping in my own bed for a nappy nap.
While Gwyn was napping.. I debated... carrots... or Lasagna??  well, you can't really eat carrots on their own for supper. And I  had the ingredients all bought and ready, just had to use them. So, since carrots are not a meal and lasagna is. Lasagna it was!! I got the garlic and the onion sliced and started to cook before Gwyn was woke. I was amazed I managed to finish the rest while she played about the house.. emptying her drawers and all.. LOL

MM, lasagna :D
Gwyn picked at the lasagna, but she did eat it OK. She might help daddy out when  he gets home and has his.. LOL She has a tendency to do that!

Anyways, that is my excitement for the day.. as exciting as that is... so, I will catch you all later!

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Miss Em said...

The fort is a great idea! I will have to try that one. Now you have me hungry for lazagna. I am going to have to make the cheater version tonight.