Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Always something....

Well, we were off to Yorkton today.. We needed a giant load of groceries! And that is what we got!!!  It went well. I was so glad I waited for James to come and help with Gwyn... Gwyn and giant loads of groceries.. can be... at the very least challenging!!! And we made it.

So, we picked up pizza on the way home. It wasn't bad pizza.. it was pretty good. I don't know if I would say it was worth what we paid for it.. but when you think of most fast foods.. are there many we can say that about?

So we had pizza for supper and Gwyn went for a sleep and I started my Rice Krispie square for the bake sale.... well... hmmm... I need to double my recipe for my big pans. I had a smaller pan I used to make them in.  I also need to either make plain ones... or.. uhmm... add my M&M's later.  The heat and the pressure of pushing them down.. crushed them. So, maybe add them right when I push it down? or push them in when it is still soft? I dunno.. maybe will just make plain ones for the bake sale and call it done?  Will see how ambitious I am tomorrow.. OH and I was disappointed.. No XMas M&M's out yet!!! Bringing out the bloody decorations and didn't bring out the M&M's... dog naggit. Oh well.. if the squares end up having.. normal colours will have to do!!

Good nighty all.. I am beat!!!

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Miss Em said...

HA! If you can believe it I burned rice krispy bars once, Yeah don't ask. =) I did a small grocery stop yesterday with Marla and it was tragic. I can only imagine a big one. Ugh!