Saturday, October 02, 2010

Busy? Me? Nah.....

Ok, So I think all told I ended up with 7 large pans of cabbage rolls, and oh.... about 4 small pans(being at 8x8 cake pan). So, I think I am done with cabbage rolls.. at least til this time next year!! LOL Short of someone, requesting a... hand.  James and I have a friend  who... had to remind me.. he also loves cabbage rolls. When I told James this he said I should tell him "My cabbage rolls, are like my women, I don't share!" LOL So I guess.. if he reads this, he will know who he is... and can take that with a laugh... I might just sneak away a small package for him.. though... I don't know when he will be in Regina again so I can meet up with him for coffee and deliver the squirreled away cabbage rolls. LOL And honey.. if your reading... I am thinking the mini ones I made last.... :)

So, this morning.. I have accomplished.. quite a bit... surprisingly.  Gwyn was grumpy, but only because I got her up and did not let her hang out on the boob from 7 til.... 9! Yes, got her up, fed her, had my shower. James off to the farm to work. Sorted the laundry. Bathed Gwyn and dressed her for the day. Offered her a snack. Didn't want what was offered but wanted tomato's instead, so that is what she had.. then lunch! and my last pan of cabbage rolls is in the oven!! almost done! The leftover ground beef, the just in case pack, is divided and in the freezer for later... the cabbage rolls I cooked last night before bed still need to be packaged. The ones in the oven will need to be packaged. The dishes need done.. and I hear my dryer has stopped... brb.....


I know.. you didn't have to pause there.. I could have just kept on going... LOL

AND something amazing that is totally making me a  happy momma!!! GWYN IS NAPPING IN HER BED!!! Now, this hasn't happened in ...... oh....... 3 weeks? as she has had a nasty run of a cold, and teething at the same freaking time!! Molars!! So, she has been very sucky and not in her bed at all!!! and now.. she is in her bed.. and I... have a few minutes to me.... what to do what to do... work work work??? Nope, writing this, for yous! LOL

So, your wondering why I am still doing cabbage rolls today, and I will tell you. Wednesday, went to Wadena to get ground beef. Got it. Had a Gwyn nap on me all afternoon... Thursday... run for parts to Wynyard, rush rush.. sorry no time for coffee.. dammit... come back through Wadena, stop at the bank, hop in the van run to the terminal test sample... run to the farm with Wynyard part.  Run home, hungry tired girl in the van.. and her mommy too!!  Thursday night husband asked if I would come get a sample and take it in to the terminal in Wadena Friday. *sighs* apparently I am a good wife as I did. Then since I was there, not picking up parts, no need to rush home... I took Gwyn to the park.  She played and played and played!!! Was great!! She had so much fun, climbing what was supposed to be climbed!! Then came home. Tired Gwyn wanted a nap.. So, not wanting to let her but not able to fight her any  more, gave in at... 5:30... slept for a bit. Got up, had supper. Saw daddy, didn't want to go to bed until... 11:30pm which has been normal since James has been combining... but James and I are both tired from it.. so this morning.. got her up early to see if this would help.... I did last night get those pans of rolls, rolled. And baked one, after baking Deliessio pizza for supper.... And that is my story.. not that you necessarily wanted to hear all that.. but there it is.

Gwyn at the park video 1, 2, 3.

Talk to you later,

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