Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloweener's VS Hallowiener's

Hey all! Good morning after! Yes morning after Halloween! I hope you all had some fun of some sort. Enjoyed your party, enjoyed the kids costumes that knocked on your door or enjoyed taking your kids around. I got to had out candy(we did chip bags this year) to 6, yes, only 6 kids. I do believe that may have been 1 more than last year. Which was cool. I like to see them little kidlets in their costumes.

Now, I am betting your wondering what I mean by Halloweener's vS Halloweiner's. I mean, Halloweener's being kids, any kids, any age that dress up, and go halloweening! Great fun! VS the BS of those Halloweiner's that figure one is too old to trick or treat after the age of 12ish, or once one hits a certain size in their minds. The Halloweiner's turn away kids having harmless fun. I say Harmless because they are going and collecting their candy, by participaction(walking house to house getting exercise), rather than beating up some little kidlet who did all the work and stealing his candy! Hell, if the parents, whom were with the little halloween goblins would have carried a bag I might have dropped a treat in their bag too... Why, because I only had 6 kids.. and had no danger of running out of chips...AND because they gave a damn enough about their little ones to take them.

So, I had a good Halloween.

I have over 4ft of scarf done. I am trying to work on it. It still has not been cussed at and flown across the room. So, we are doing very good!

And well.. that's all I have to say for now... TTYL

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