Friday, November 16, 2007

Touring, Visiting and all the good stuff.

Well. we made round trip. We went to the city, did the birthday thing with my BIL and my Sis and her boys. Then we went to Tugaske, to visit our friends at the hotel. We talked to the Co-Op about their bin set up for this coming year. We then went along to Outlook and talked to the Co-Op there about their bin set up for this year. It's all good. Lots of bins to build. Above is the book my mum treated me to! I have the first one and love it so... when I saw there was a second there was no question! Lots of neato stuff in it! Below is some of the fabric I found for next year's Christmas sewing... yes I know, it even disgusts me!!!!
Sporty stuff for the nephew... duckies and hearts.... Skulls below for one of the boys on my list.
These skulls are very cool and I bought enough for 2 boys on my list!
These are THE SHEEP! Are they not super cool? Going to make a knitting bag or a purse er something with it!
Below, Rider Pride is strong in Sask. With the rider's doing so well. This bin was along the #15 Hwy not far out of Outlook. We think it is one that we built. And love the way he put the pass through rails to work!!! LOL
These are the sockies I am working on now. I love the colours. Sorry the pic is blurry.

Above is Riverbend Co-Op's yard empty. Does it ever look empty... never seen it this empty b4. Awesome that they sold every last bin!
I did manage to get the mitten's for the nephew done in time.. the pair is above! The set is below... I like it.... nice an bright for a little boy!

And well... that's about it.... Don't forget Dandy's Contest(link below) Will have more fun pics for you later!

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TricsH said...

You have been busy :)
I like those socks. The material is fun looking too!
Talk to you soon!