Sunday, November 04, 2007

Works that are finished!

This is the first of 2 vests for my brother(in law). His birthday is on the 12, so I have to get busy and get the second one done. I am OK with posting this before the date as I am certain that he doesn't read my blog... and if he does! He should speak up now!!!! This is the scarf. Done! No more stitches for it. I put it in the box with the hat and mittens.
Here is the set! I hope she likes it!
This is all the colours that are going to go in to the littlest ones set. The purple still looks blue in the picture. The red looks brighter than it is. But I think the stripes of these colours together will be really cool! I hope he likes them too! I made a special trip to the yarn store... LOL like that's something hard to do, anyway, special trip for the purple. His favorite colour. All that wool I got and not a stitch of a good purple... so, special trip it was! LOL
So, Now I am off to wind those balls... and start on his set. I would start into some sewing but... Hubby is still trying to sleep... He's been so tired, that I don't want to start sewing and wake him, as the wall between the 2 rooms is thin.
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Monika said...

That's a lovely set! I like scarfs, but knitting them tries my patience. It's just a big swatch, which seems to never end! Always happy when it's done. Hat's and mittens are so much for fun. That reminds me, I still have to knit a pair for my husband (he requested Newfoundland mittens)! ;o)

MOM said...

The vest is really fun! The mittens, hat and scarf are a beautiful set! She is going to love them.