Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Tuesday after...

Hey all,

Well the Rider's have brought home the cup, and with it, HELL FROZE OVER!!!! Yes, it is mighty chilly around here. Hubby had ordered one of those lovely pole shedy garage tarpy things. It arrived yesterday. The temp -23cel. and falling with windchill. And He wants to set it up. EW, tiz cold for that kinda stuff.... anyways, got the polls together, got it squared and anchored, got the front and back ends on... and called it a night. He wanted it up yesterday because... its getting colder this week... though today is warming up from its bitterness yesterday and is still cold! Yeah I know, I am complaining about the cold... so what.... Snow is pretty, cold is just bitter. and now I am done complaining!


Above is the picture of the fabric from the friend in Wynyard. Now, it is still in front of my dryer as I have not decided where on earth to put it, and haven't gone through it completely. I am going to have to soon as the laundry hamper is getting fuller! The 2 banana boxes are pants, Jeans. Which is great... as I think I will cut them up and make wrench holders out of them.... well.. might take up a couple pairs. As for the rest... well. Might become bags, purses.. and other such wonders. We shall see what my imagination dreams up. I took a little peak in the other boxes... and there are some very pretty pieces in there.. will be fun to play with. Beyond that... we shall see what happens... maybe I will share more pics with you.

Well, I think that's all I have to share... at the moment. :) TTYL

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