Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Past and Pictures of Projects and such....

Here are 2 sock patterns. The one, "Spitfire Service Socks" looks to be the label off the wool. It came from The Regent Knitting Mills, Limited Executive and sales offices: Montreal, QUE. Mills: St. Jerome, QUE. The other, looks to be a pattern like those ones we now can get free in the store... off those pads of patterns for certain yarns. It is from Maitland Spinning Mills, Ltd. Listowel, Ontario. I am showing you these, because mom found them in my Great Grandmother's things a while ago. She gave them to me, as I do believe I may be the only knitter in the family... at least so far. I think that my Granny used them to make socks... my grandma once told me she made socks at one point... so they may even be patterns that she used. They have little notes on them here and there. Mostly in pencil... one in pen. Notes about stitches,or rows. I think they are really neat and, somehow a part of history. So, I hope you enjoy them... I thought you might.

This is the toque I was making for my nephew. It's done, ends tucked in and all!!!
This is the neck warmer I cast on right after. The ends need to be tucked in but I managed to finish it to that point as well!!! I did make the neck warmer bigger around. I know, I know trying to keep the draft out... but this young man doesn't like tight around his neck so, I made it looser.. and hopefully He will like it!
Here are the two together. I hope he likes them. The stripes are fun. A bit wide, but still lots of fun. Now, this is the new closet project. Below is the before picture.
See how the closet is right beside the bed? You know how many times I have kicked that thing in the middle of the night rolling over? I would then have to look an see if I woke up my hubby with the loud boom the doors would make upon contact.
See how there is a dresser on the other side of the room? We had to crawl up the end of the bed to get in. We also had to scootch our butts down the bed to get out. Try not to wake the other when you have to pee in the middle of the night!!! Or when you can't sleep anymore.

There was also his closet right there on the corner of the bed... in the pic above you can see how tight everything was in the room!
Now, see these! See how you can walk around that side of the bed now? Yes, we will probably need to put in new carpet but... am not in the giant hurry for it... I can live with that... specially now we can walk around the bed to get in or make it!!
See the beautiful new closet? See no doors. I know will be bad for dust on our cloths but hubby never had a door on his little closet before. No more giant "BOOM!" in the middle of the night from kicking the doors.
See all the space under it? I have a set of drawers, a laundry basket, space, garbage can and a night stand. Wow. I want to get a hamper and put where the basket is.. but we shall see... we have the basket and it doesn't cost anything because it has paid for itself already in the time I have had it!
And see what happened in the hubby's old closet space? OOH It is soooooo very very nice to walk around the bed to make it, change the sheets, and especially getting in and out of it... So nice!!! I love how the new closet looks... though the shelf needs some work, but, it functions and there is nothing pressing to get done in there! It's great! I love it!

Anyways, should probably go get the mail, have a walk, cast my vote, and all that good stuff! Don't forget to go cast yours.....

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